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And ehat I love most about him is his loyalty. He makes me feel like the only woman in the wprld and we would do anythinh for each other. And the sex is almost unrral. The most passionate romantic but adventurous imaginable. And I know we will end up married with lots of babies because we both value family so much and crave that family togetehr.

Oh, this is very true. I must admit though, i do upset him sometimes without meaning to. Its amazing, it really, really is.

He likes to play hard to get but when you get him its almost impossible to let go. I find myself in a odd position, long distance relationship, not also that mail order bride, but the problem is I feel that I cannot let go off this scorpio woman. I feel for you. Gut wrenching pain that nothing can fix. I hope everything works out for you. I will cross my fingers for you. Both 19 and I brushed him off at first. Almost an hour later we were chatting it up and watching a movie. We had to go home from training and we never saw each other again.

This past March, he found me on Facebook. Everything I told him, he remembered. Long Story. Skin color and origins differ, but everything else same. We were unbelievable together. Everyone knew where there was one, the other was soon to come. I miss him everyday… since he got back in touch, that can of worms is restless. Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Kay July 8, Maxine December 21, Sarah May 6, Stephanie June 16, Macie July 5, But that trust must be earned and takes time to develop.

Cancer is drawn to emotional challenges.

There exists an unspoken, karmic bond between the two that is loving and supportive. In many ways, the pair balances each other out. The level of trust that exists between Cancer and Capricorn is enduring and powerful. Much of this is because both signs spend a great deal of time forming the bond itself.

Cancer in Relationships & in Bed

However, once a connection is made and the relationship unfolds, trust begins to grow. Cancer is a communicator and loves to talk. Capricorn is more stoic, sharing only what it needs to with those who are not close. Think of a goat feeding from your hand. At first, it is hesitant, fearful of being harmed. But the more it feeds, the less worried it becomes. This is how it is with Capricorn and Cancer. The goat understands that it can be itself with the crab. On the flip side, Cancer recognizes that Capricorn is extremely loyal; something all water signs put a premium on in romantic relationships.

One of the most powerful ways Capricorn and Cancer connect relates to money. The goat is a planner and saver, carefully setting realistic financial goals for the future. Conversely, the crab desires safety and protection. It happens and sometimes frequently.

Mismatched Sexual Energies?

Almost always, the issues center on spending priorities. Remember, Capricorn is a highly practical sign. Cancer, on the other hand, is OK with spending money on something that creates memories. It takes a gentle sign like Cancer to nudge the goat into loosening up on its miserly ways. When arguments do occur, the crab usually wins out. Earlier, we examined the unique attributes of earth and water signs. Their elemental qualities are important because it is their differences that — paradoxically — make the two connect. Cancer is a highly creative sign, gifted with writing.

It sees meaning in the complex and has a knack for understanding the human side of complex issues. Capricorn, coversely, can sometimes struggle with black or white thinking. In this way, both signs stimulate one another. The crab has a way of helping the goat see things from a different perspective.

Conversely, the goat pushes the crab to see issues as they are and not how they are imagined to be. Both signs are highly intelligent — just in different ways. Capricorn is excellent with business matters, finances, and managing people. Cancer does well working with groups, particularly in coaching and leadership roles. Why do Capricorn and Cancer attract each other? In the beginning, communication between these two signs can be challenging. This makes sense when you reflect on their elemental orientations.

That said, there can be times when the goat and crab spar. Cancer is a natural born talker. It can go on forever and a day about a given topic, particularly when it becomes worried. Interests shared between Capricorn and Cancer are plentiful. Both signs enjoy time outdoors with Capricorn gravitating towards the mountains and Cancer, the sea.

Both enjoy movies and documentaries with Cancer being slightly more in tune with pop culture. Because both are cardinal signs, they enjoy new things.

How To Seduce And Romance A Cancer

This means both are open to trying different activities. One note of caution — Cancer is very protective and can become concerned about safety when Capricorn gets too adventurous.

The challenge for the duo will be finding time to spend together. Because Capricorn can spend hours absorbed in business matters, it can sometimes cause friction. It will be important for the goat to remember the importance of work-life balance while bearing in mind that just like a career, romantic relationships must be nurtured.

Cancer and Cancer - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Hopefully, you have found the material shared above to be useful. As you can see, the duo are highly compatible. Generally speaking, the crab and goat find that their relationships are long-term. The pairing also makes for excellent parents, offering a loving, financially stable and nurturing home for children. Kilpatrick, S. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press. How about the least compatible […]. Male Taurus Positive Traits Male Taurus Negative Traits Taurus Man Background 4.

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